Baseus Unlimited Adjustment 360° Lazy Phone Holder

85.00 ر.ق

  • Material: Aluminum alloy + Plastic
  • Technology: Oxidation
  • Clip width: 64-90mm
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Baseus Unlimited

85.00 ر.ق

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Product Description

  • Made of aerial aluminum alloy and fine plastic, it is high-quality, sturdy, durable and fashionable.
  • The version with the updated design can be conveniently operated and organized using one hand.
  • It can revolve 360-degree for one-hand adjustment of the point of view, and easily switch between the landscape and portrait modes.
  • 180-degree adjustable height, horizontal rotation 360-degree, easy to collect, flexible adjustment.
  • The clip at the bottom adopts a closely locked screw thread system, strong lock and no shaking.
  • Suitable for the width of 64-90mm mobile devices.
  • Leading Manufacturer Of High-Quality Products And Accessories.
  • All Products Have Been Designed With The User In Mind.
  • Quality Assured Products.
  • Secure Fit.
  • A True Performance Product.


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