Zhong Yi Xuan Alarm Clock

45.00 ر.ق

  • Width: 5.7 cm
  • Height: 13.6 cm
  • Use battery: Battery 5*1
  • Product weight: 176 g
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Alarm Clock Zhong Yi Xuan

45.00 ر.ق

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Product Description

  •  Simple installation with reduced dimensions, attractive decoration for your home. 
  •  Easy setting perfect for kids and seniors.
  •  Loud alarm ringing for people who are heavy sleepers.
  • Beeper sound alarm.
  • Very compact/lightweight/portable for travel purpose .It takes up little room and fits into any place you can imagine.
  • The alarm is loud and beeps from low to high frequency to wake you up.
  • Loud alarm ringing for people who are heavy sleepers.


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